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Advanced Radio Engineering (ARE) Technologies is a front-runner Research and Development company in the Wireless Convergence space, providing innovative, industry- leading Wireless Convergence Technologies and Products. Advanced Radio Engineering is popularly known as ARE. The following explains what constitute ARE as an Organization and an Enterprise:

Mission Statement:

Enabling a Universal Wireless world by providing innovative, pioneering Technologies and Products that converge all Wireless Computing and Communications into one.

Core Competencies:

Comprehensive Research and Development and Innovation capabilities in the Wireless Convergence domain, that spans all widely used PAN, LAN, MAN and WAN Wireless Standards including:
Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15x,
IEEE 802.11 (a,b,g,i),
IEEE 802.16x,
UMTS, CDMA 2000, 3G

GPS, Satellite standards

ARE's core competencies on the Business side are its innovative Strategic Management capabilities coupled with an in-depth understanding of emerging customer trends and behavior in Wireless and Wireless Convergence

Competitive Advantage:

1) A Pioneering and leadership market position in the Wireless Convergence domain
2) Global Mass-targeted Product Innovations
3) Unmatched Research and Development capabilities in Wireless
4) Customer orientation, astute customer focus and in-depth understanding of customer needs in Wireless and Wireless Convergence domains
5) Industry partnerships and associations with leading Fortune 500 companies and several Industry leading companies
6) Quality focused company with an achievement of Lean Six Sigma level 3.5 and IPPD-CMMI level 4 practice (auditing due at level 3)

ARE Products:

The following two product inventions categorize ARE's Wireless Convergence focus:

1)  D5
TM a system on a Chip that incorporates a unique Universal frequency, Universal base band architecture converging multiple standards namely

Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15x,
IEEE 802.11 (a,b,g,i),
IEEE 802.16x,
UMTS, CDMA 2000,

GPS, Satellite standards
WCDMA, OFCDM/A and 4G into one device.  
D5 offers seamless roaming capability across various Wireless standards that cover the entire globe ( 0o North to 0o South) offering speeds upto 100 Mbps for computing and communication. It provides an  unmatched capability of anytime-anywhere computing by converging IP over Radio. According to various estimates, the D5 Technology possesses the potential to revolutionalize the Wireless world by providing its converged power in the Wireless Consumer's hands.

2) ARE Wireless Professional Career Certifications - AceWPTM - ARE Wireless Career Certifications or AceWP are a series of World-Class vendor neutral Training and Certification Programs meant for aspiring and practicing Wireless Career Professionals. The standard is more commonly known as AceWP Certifications which stand for - ARE Certified Wireless Professional. The Ace Wireless Programs have been thoroughly researched and developed with a vision to standardize the Wireless Training needs of Organizations. Spread across different levels of Training & Certification with  five areas of specialization, AceWireless programs ensure industry's specific skill-set requirements across all major Wireless technologies.
The following are the different product offerings under the AceWP series that aim to qualifying as the de-facto industry standard for the beginner to advanced level Wireless Training and Hiring needs of companies:

ARE Certified Wireless Technician - entry level Training and Certification for both IT and non-IT professionals
ARE Certified Wireless Engineer - for professionals having prior IT skills
who want to begin as Network Engineers, Application Engineers and Embedded and Design Engineers in the Wireless Space

ACWD - ARE Certified Wireless Developer - for the mid-career Wireless Network Engineers and Wireless Developers
ACWA - ARE Certified Wireless Architect - for the advanced level Wireless Developers and Researchers
CAI - Certified AceWP Instructor - for Instructor/Trainer qualifications to teach AceWP courses
AWSP - ARE Wireless Sales Professional - for Wireless Sales Professionals, Business Analysts, Management professionals
- ARE Wireless Project Management Professional - for Project Leaders, Project Managers and Program Managers

ARE Wireless Career Certifications are the first and the only vendor neutral global Training and Certification programs that cover the entire spectrum in Wireless Domain.  They cover close to 50 Wireless subjects ranging from applications development to networking and embedded systems. The Certification Exams are delivered in 142 countries by Prometric Inc. ( - the prime distribution arm for Microsoft, CISCO and Oracle Certification Programs amongst others.

ARE Processes:

ARE strives to achieve Zero-defect output in its products while balancing Quality obsession through a LEAN focus. For developing its products, it implements IPPD-CMMI and Lean Six Sigma. Under the Six Sigma methodology, it uses DMADV Approach for Product Design and DMAIC tools for Process Measurement and Control. The Six Sigma tools implemented together in all the IPPD-CMMI base practices at the five levels have provided ARE with the best possible process for its Product Development. 
Additionally, PCMM is implemented for People and HR-related Processes

ARE's Market Reach and Presence:

Over 3000 locations in 142 countries through Prometric Network for AceWP (visit for the locations OR click ATWCC)
–Present Offices in the US, UK & India. Rep office in Dubai, UAE. ARE is planning to start operations in Singapore, China and other MEA (Middle-East and African) regions soon

ARE Team:

Business plans, slogans and vision statements do not create future business success.
"People" do...

and this is precisely the belief that drives the ARE Team and its Strategic Management focus. The central strength in ARE's Strategic Planning revolves around the principle of people productivity by empowering its people with new challenges, an open learning environment and continuous opportunities to succeed and grow, both professionally and personally. ARE owes its hitherto success to its dedicated teams of Research Engineers and Research Architects working relentlessly with a capable Leadership Team to shape the future of Wireless. ARE’s strength lies in its people who have had decades of Experience and all of who have Bachelors, Masters or PhD degrees  and experiences with distinction in Electrical and Computer Engineering & Sciences, Accounting and Management disciplines.  Over 75% of the staff strength has at least one engineering degree, and most of them are also ARE Certified Wireless Professionals (AceWP)

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© ARE Technologies 2001 - 11

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